Monday, December 26, 2011


I have just released YABTorrent. Here's the blurb from the readme:
YABTorrent is yet another Bittorrent client. This client/library is written in C with a BSD license. The client has been intended to be used as a lightweight drop-in bittorrent library. The client is in ALPHA and currently has 130+ unit tests covering the code base. For the moment the client is GUI-less. 

Why another Bitorrent Client?
There are two reasons for the existence of YABTorrent:

  1. There are no Bittorrent clients written in C that are licensed under non-copyleft licenses
  2. There are not enough Bittorrent libraries available. There is definitely space for a light-weight torrent library. YABTorrent's goal is to be used for adding bittorrent-like download capability to applications such as games.


  1. Hiya looks like you have done good job here.

    Is it finished or ongoing project.


  2. File name torrentfile_reader.h is missing from main archive.

    Can you please point out the link where I can download so I can try to compile.

    Thanks again..

  3. Hey I've just committed some changes to the repository. Thanks for looking at it. Running "waf configure" should pull through the required libraries now.

    The client is in testing. The client has been able to download files completely from actual peers (like Transmission). Unfortunately after a large amount of structural changes it isn't downloading files currently. Instead the priority at the moment is to modularize the code and add as many automated tests as possible. It should have this support again in about a months time.

    1. Hey just seen the commits you have made last 10hours or so good work and keepup man.....

  4. Hi willem

    Your project is very portable upto mmap and on windows mmap is very poorly done so just wondering if possible to Have next portable option?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Tony

      Please pull from the Github repo. I made some changes in the last two days that removes the need for nmap.

      Wish mmap was supported on windows

  5. You are not wasting your time do you Willem?

    There some duplicate functions in networkfuncs_mock.c and networkfuncs_tcp.c

    and other than that Yes it compiles with litle changes but crashes ASAP when it starts to download..

    Keepup as keep going, you are doing well..