Monday, December 26, 2011


I have just released YABTorrent. Here's the blurb from the readme:
YABTorrent is yet another Bittorrent client. This client/library is written in C with a BSD license. The client has been intended to be used as a lightweight drop-in bittorrent library. The client is in ALPHA and currently has 130+ unit tests covering the code base. For the moment the client is GUI-less. 

Why another Bitorrent Client?
There are two reasons for the existence of YABTorrent:

  1. There are no Bittorrent clients written in C that are licensed under non-copyleft licenses
  2. There are not enough Bittorrent libraries available. There is definitely space for a light-weight torrent library. YABTorrent's goal is to be used for adding bittorrent-like download capability to applications such as games.